Vue JS Issue – Devtool inspection is not available

Full description of problem:  Vue.js is detected on this page. Devtools inspection is not available because it’s in production mode or explicitly disabled by the author.

Cause: You may be using compressed production version of vue

Solution : You need to use development version with debugging support.
<script src=”” ></script>

vue.js source

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If your facing problem in keep running shiny server for long time , I have a solution . 

The Problem: 

  • Shiny server need server restart
  • Shiny server not responding after sometime

    The Solution:  

Increase the RAM size
Ping server at regular interval
Increase app_idle_timeout in Shiny Server Conf
Use systemd to automatically restart shiny server

How to automatically ping your server at regular interval 

Your can add a cronjob to curl the index page of your application

Edit the crontask using crontab -e  . Schedule to run every minute 
* * * * * curl url_to_your_shiny_application

How to increase app_idle_timeout 
On unix system, your can find the configuration file for shiny server at /etc/shiny-server directory

In case of any problem, please ask in comment and solution will be updated 

Does CTR has any impact on google ranking?

As a search engine, Google/Bing/Yahoo try to serve the best response to the user. Intent is important factor and getting local/relevent result is neccessary. 

CTR is important because it reflect the usefulness of site. In more depth, search engine provide personalized results , therefore it is always better chance to rank higher for specific set of users ( for non bounced user). Google chrome is most used browser world wide and it gather statistics about site usage and behaviour. Better ctr and more usage of site will definitely contribute quality ranking score.

I advise to make user aquistion process simple and effective. Ranking will be improve definitely.

Why you should use sqlite as portable database

Most of time when we need some tasks to run for long hours in a loop, sqlite is ideal solution to use as a database.

  1. sqlite is available in most of system. No need to install big binary files.
  2. You can easily use it with multiple programming language using simple apis.
  3. You can transport it as file to other system. No need to export and import files to recreate the same
    I use sqlite too much in smaller long running batch tasks to store data and use across different cli apps. I can run this on smallest and tiniest machine easily

Why deploy nginx as most preferred proxy server?

Nginx define itself as open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy engine. It is simple to configure proxy server, effective load balancer. 
Nginx is super easy to configure. Multiple types of proxy configuration is possible – round robin, least connected , ip bound , fail over connection, path based.

It is easy to host a rails app on mail domain and wordpress on /blog path. Run an analytic engine using R (shiny apps) and do some smart system tasks using python backend.

nginx is free and open source . It is much robust than apache and first choice for proxy. I love it when need to operate a bunch of service varied by different type of services .

What is mobile first indexing and why adhere to it?

Mobile first Indexing (MFI) is now becoming to core of search snippets because mobile search in increasing ( voice + text ) . It is highly recommended to shift focus on mobile first and mobile friendly content. 

Use adaptive layout(responsive layout) with similar static content . More interactive content could be loaded over ajax. Proper usages of schema will content of your pages to be index smoother. 

Schema are data-points embedded in your page. Separate business logic, business data and business presentation separate , so any crawler could easily evaluate the source code and map useful data instantly. Schema is for carry data , independent of visual representation.

Outcome of this message is – 

  1. Make mobile first strategy ( UI + UX)
  2. Use Schema to embed data in your page
  3. Static version (initial load) content should be closely identical.

How to predict about changes in latest SERP ranking through Search Console

Google search console has multiple features which is useful in optimizing organic performance . Have you ever noticed the relation between crawl status and organic ranking?

If not, you are missing some useful insights? This crawl stats is helpful in predicting the upcoming ranking fluctuation. If this improved, ranking will be improve definitely. If this is decreasing, ranking will go down and this is highly correlated. 

As you can see that a jump in crawling activity , corresponding a surge in clicks. Organic traffic is more benefital than paid and everyone can afford it. 

How to Permanently remove URL from Google Cache

If you have a lot of not function urls  creating problems for site visitors, it is advisable to remove them. If you remove them from search console, they will removed from cache for shorter period of time.

There are mainly 2 types of URL errors .

Page Not Found Error ( http status code 404) : This type of error is error display that page not found because resource changed or content removed. A large number of 404 pages negatively affect crawl-ability.

Page Removed Permanently ( http status code 410 ) – If you want to remove pages forever, return http status 410 for such urls. This response will force search engines to remove pages from future crawling and indexing.

Crawl-ability is important because it affects the number of pages to be cached.