Health effects of drinking too much water .

Water is very useful of livings. It available as main component of overall organs . Generally 70-90% of living body mass is composed of water. It is always advisable to drink good quantity of water will help to keep refreshed.

Recent studies found that drining too much water has its own health consequnces. It could be summarized as follow

  1. Excess water dilute the electrolyte level
  2. Overhydration could put more tasks to kidney , therefore kidney could be damaged
  3. Dilution of required electrolyte also weaken nervous system functioning . It also swallows brain.

How to avoid overhydration

  1. Obtain water from direct intake ( 50% ) and from food ( fruits,vegetables etc)
  2. Drink pure water
  3. Do not drink much water just after food intake
  4. Your required water intake should be about 1 litre/15 kg weight. If your weight is about 60 kg, you need 4 kg of water. In 4 kg of water, direct intake would be 50% of total requirement. During summer, hydrate more ( take 50% more intake – 1.5 Litre per 15 kg weight)

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