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Debit Card EMI for your rescue

If you to purchase something very essential and do not have money in Bank Account/ Credit Card , debit card emi can help you in realizing the dream at not extra cost. 

Currently HDFC bank is offering consumar durable loan through debit card. 

How to avail Debit Card EMI 

If you have HDFC debit card, send sms to 56767 . sms format will be  DCEMI xxxx

xxxx is last 4 digit of your hdfc debit card

You can also use netbanking to see consumer durable loan offer ( EasyEmi products) . 

How to avail this :-

If price of product is more than 10000 Inr , Flipkar/Amazon are offering Debit Card EMI as payment options. Most electrical gadgets are covered under it. 

Have you purchase anything with it ?

Yes, I have used it personally to buy Redmi Note 5, Samsung Curved LED . My Friends also availed it to purchase Laptop ( Lenovo with Graphics Card) and Mobile phone at Flipkart. 


Compared to other consumar finance option:

Compared to other consumer finance , it is super convenient , cost effective ,No paperwork , instant processing , 0% interest , flexible payment terms , higher limit and longer duration to repay it.

Person having good credit score and mid-income range could barely avail consumer finance ( more than 80% of salary) . With Debit EMI, you can avail limit upto 15 times of monthly salary. So go for it .


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‘SQLALCHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATIONS adds significant overhead and ‘

Solution:  app.config[‘SQLALCHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATIONS’] = False

Why you need structured data for better SEO ?

Webpage is not 100% data unlike other data only formats ( excel sheets, json , xml , csv ) etc . It has other goal – present information in visual manner, therefore data is mixed with lot of unwanted content( tags ). 

Each and every webpage have some unique design guidelines to present information and carry data. Crawler are not so smart to fetch all information from webpage. Beside fetching data, it is not easy to catagorize and index data correctly all the time. Therefore, there must be some unique method to carry data , without worrying about the html of webpage. 

Structured data comes to rescue. It follow a fixed , validated semantics to present data. I will recommed to use structured data using javascript ( JSON format)

You can find more about it from Google search gallery

In search gallry , you will find information about webpage component and its structure . 

Latest update : Start funding updates in India -2018

SaffronStays raises Pre-Series A Funds – Read more at https://www.newsbarons.com/hospitality/saffronstays-raises-pre-series-a-funds/

BookMyShow gets $100 million in Series D funding –   

GOGOVAN raises $250 million from InnoVision Capital, others – https://techstory.in/gogovan-raises-250-million-innovision-capital-2018/

SRI Capital launches $100 million tech fund for American and Indian markets – https://www.livemint.com/Companies/4i2i6RS7paI0DgwwNjTXWP/SRI-Capital-launches-100-million-tech-fund-for-American-and.html

The fund has already invested in three startups in the country—LetsMD, a fintech company in the healthcare sector ($1 million); IndianMoney, a Bangalore-based financial education company (up to $3 million); and SportsFlashes, a sports content application (up to $1 million).

Zomato Piggy Bank – nice example of customer retention

Whenever any customer order food on zomato , 10% of purchase value will be credited to respective z-balance(zomato balance). Additionally Re 1 /order will be part of philanthropy. It is dual exciting. Saving and Satisfaction which automatically result into brand affinity.

I consider this product as good example of retention product. Know more about it here –   https://t.co/I4xs5NHHwd

Top 10 orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore

Usually before consulting a doctor, search for best is essential. Everyone want the best for their health. Here, you can find best doctor from best hospital in Bangalore. You can book appointment with any doctor online ( Credihealth , practo , Lybrate and other online healthcare assistance company ).

Forum answer => https://www.quora.com/Who-is-a-very-good-and-trusted-orthopedic-doctor-in-Bangalore

  1. Dr KMK Verma
  2. Dr Chandramouli B
  3. Dr Manish Samson
  4. Dr Mani Venugopal
  5. Dr J V Shrinivas
  6. Dr Hemant K Kalyan
  7. Dr prashant Kalale
  8. Dr Shridhar Reddy
  9. Dr Sanjay Prasad Hedge
  10. Dr Ravi Shankar

This is not the final and complete list. The complete list of best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore could be found at Credihealth.

Dr KMK Verma

Dr KMK verma is recommended orthopedist . He is associated with Manipal Hospital ( HAL road) and he has extensive experience of 31 years. He is specialist of Hip Replacement, Knee joint replacements and Trauma. 

Dr Chandramauli B

Dr Chandramauli is renowned orthopedics surgeon , famous for joint replacement surgery, trama surgery etc. He has more than 21 years of experience and currently serving as consultant ( Orthopedics and Joint replacement ) in Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. You can book appointment with Dr Chandramauli online.   

He had been performed 4000+ joint replacement surgeries including knee,hip,shoulders and elbow .He is specialist in Trauma Surgeries those include fractures,ligament inhuries and other

Dr Manish Samson

He is Senior Consultant and Joint replacement surgeon in Apollo Speciality Hospital , Bangalore and Apollo Hospital ,Bannerghatta Road. He has 21 years of experience in conducting surgeries. 

He has also worked at HOSMAT super speciality hospital ( Bangalore). 


  1. Singapore General Hospital
  2. The University of Dundee

Dr Manish Samson

Dr Mani Venugopal

Upload files in Flask – explained


  1. set form correctly.   enctype=”multipart/form-data” should be form attribute. For binary or large uploads, simply use post method. Generic form submission should have proper name field on form elements (inputs,selects,radio,files) etc

Common Errors 

Posting Data on Flask via form is giving 400 Bad Request

This errors is due to incorrect response data. Response should be proper. You can convert response data into proper format with correct response codes.  Additionally , there may be error while getting POST data entries.

Verified App for Indian Banks

There are multiple apps on Google App Store with any real value or containing threats. Therefore It is advisable to install only genuine apps from verified source . For android, you can check it from here. Rest app are fake .

  1. SBI apps are developed and distributed under https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=State+Bank+of+India 

    Any other apps will be spam.

Python request library – useful tips

cast response to json

If response type is json, you can simply cast response to json as response.json() method. 

Timeouts and retries

You can improve performance using timeouts and retries method available in requests module. to Know more about it , read https://www.servloci.com/how-to-improve-python-requests-module-with-retries-and-timeouts/