How to use virtual environment in python and why?

If you are using latest linux distro, python is already installed there. That is commonly known as system python. It is wiser to avoid system python while developing apps due to compatibility and stability issue . Making any change may produce undesirable effect in host system. Therefore , we need to utilize separate python executable depend upon our need.

virtualenv is such package. It provide the customization python executable as well as version specific packages, so we can develop different types of logicwares using multiple version of python running on same machine without causing any side-effect on hosts or other dependents application. Virtualenv is specific to application contained. 

Install virtualenv –  

naviagate to project folder => cd desired_folder_path or make directory  mkdir desired_folder. In my example . 

sudo pip install virtualenv
mkdir ~/flaskApp && cd ~/flaskApp
virtualenv flaskAppProject
#activate the virtualenv
source flaskAppProject/bin/activate

Top gynecologist in Bangalore

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How to search gynaecologist near you quickly and efficiently ?

You can visit any gynaecologist without any proper research and begin treatment. It will be better to search for best gynaecologist based on credentials and user recommendations. You can also search these doctors on Google, Credihealth, Practo or lybrate. 

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Dr. Shobha Venkat


Dr Shobha Venkat

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About Dr Shobha Venkat

She is leading Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist ,working with the best gynaecology hospital in Bangalore . She helped thousands of women to achieved the best healthcare and joy of motherhood. She is active member of Bangalore society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology .

She obtained MBBS from Bangalore medical College and Postgraduation in Obsteritrics and Gynaecology (DGO) from Grant Medical College ( Mumbai University ).  She is also active in field of medical education and social awareness program. 

How to Contact Dr Shobha Venkat ?

Bhargavi Clinic 080 2528 9292,+91 9945602934
Cloudnine 080- 6799 9999
Manipal Hospital +91 9845324387
Credihealth +91 8010994994

Http redirection – 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary)

Most of time, developers and webmaster confuse about type of redirection to apply when site url structure changes. 

If changes are permanent in nature, apply http redirect (301). It will correctly update old url to new updated url. Along with it, it carry the SEO optimization factors so newer urls will replace old url in search snippet and search rankings.

Temporary redirect will be helpful while updating any section or improving webiste for shorter period of time.

Vue JS Issue – Devtool inspection is not available

Full description of problem:  Vue.js is detected on this page. Devtools inspection is not available because it’s in production mode or explicitly disabled by the author.

Cause: You may be using compressed production version of vue

Solution : You need to use development version with debugging support.
<script src=”” ></script>

vue.js source

If your problem solved, share this to others. 


If your facing problem in keep running shiny server for long time , I have a solution . 

The Problem: 

  • Shiny server need server restart
  • Shiny server not responding after sometime

    The Solution:  

Increase the RAM size
Ping server at regular interval
Increase app_idle_timeout in Shiny Server Conf
Use systemd to automatically restart shiny server

How to automatically ping your server at regular interval 

Your can add a cronjob to curl the index page of your application

Edit the crontask using crontab -e  . Schedule to run every minute 
* * * * * curl url_to_your_shiny_application

How to increase app_idle_timeout 
On unix system, your can find the configuration file for shiny server at /etc/shiny-server directory

In case of any problem, please ask in comment and solution will be updated 

You can start,stop,restart and check for status of shiny-server through these easy commands

sudo systemctl start shiny-server #to start it
sudo systemctl stop shiny-server # to stop it
sudo systemctl restart shiny-server # to restart 
sudo systemctl status shiny-server  # to know status of shiny-server

How to get pagespeed in bulks from Google Analytics

We often access pagespeed insights to get speed of pages for users. It is a important singal in UI catagory and ranking factor too. 

Google analytics provide the good information about page speed and other speed improvements. 

How to access page speed information from Google Analytics:

This report could obtained from Behaviour -> Site Speed -> Speed Suggestions  

How to use page speed report  

You can use this report to optimize the website responsiveness. 

  1. Remove bulky images .
  2. Use of CDN
  3. Minification of javascript
  4. Minification of styles
  5. Above the fold content optimization
  6. Remove render blocking script

Does CTR has any impact on google ranking?

As a search engine, Google/Bing/Yahoo try to serve the best response to the user. Intent is important factor and getting local/relevent result is neccessary. 

CTR is important because it reflect the usefulness of site. In more depth, search engine provide personalized results , therefore it is always better chance to rank higher for specific set of users ( for non bounced user). Google chrome is most used browser world wide and it gather statistics about site usage and behaviour. Better ctr and more usage of site will definitely contribute quality ranking score.

I advise to make user aquistion process simple and effective. Ranking will be improve definitely.

Health effects of drinking too much water .

Water is very useful of livings. It available as main component of overall organs . Generally 70-90% of living body mass is composed of water. It is always advisable to drink good quantity of water will help to keep refreshed.

Recent studies found that drining too much water has its own health consequnces. It could be summarized as follow

  1. Excess water dilute the electrolyte level
  2. Overhydration could put more tasks to kidney , therefore kidney could be damaged
  3. Dilution of required electrolyte also weaken nervous system functioning . It also swallows brain.

How to avoid overhydration

  1. Obtain water from direct intake ( 50% ) and from food ( fruits,vegetables etc)
  2. Drink pure water
  3. Do not drink much water just after food intake
  4. Your required water intake should be about 1 litre/15 kg weight. If your weight is about 60 kg, you need 4 kg of water. In 4 kg of water, direct intake would be 50% of total requirement. During summer, hydrate more ( take 50% more intake – 1.5 Litre per 15 kg weight)